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[14 Dec 2005|03:49pm]

Hi there,
I just joined because I've been having some really weird dreams latley, and went searching for a place to share them, and came across you.
Here are a couple of recent ones.
I was married to Napoleon. And since I was his wife, I got to share in his time traveling secrets. This is how he was such a great army guy, he'd time traveled to every great war in the past and futur. Most of the rest of the dream is foggy at this point, I was traveling through time, just for the sake of it. But just the fact that I was married to Napoleon makes it the weirdest dream ever. So weird.
I used to play the flute, and was the first flute and piccallo player in high school (that part is fact). In the dream, I decided I needed to get back into it, and joined an orchestra. I was getting ready to put my flute together and went to take out my lip ring, only to discover that I had several oral peirings. I took them out and put them on the music stand, and took the flute out of the case. It was the most bizzare looking thing, until I figured out how to take it apart and make a flute from the peices. there was a girl from grade school who was in band with me there, and when she realized I couldn't remeber any of the fingering for the notes, she took me aside and decided to train me. My first task was breathing, which involved standing on my hands and blowing out candles. The fingering for the flute involved erally painful finger placement. That's when I noticed that the director of the orchestra was a giant screen with a blue face on it. If you can figure this dream out, you win a cookie.

I look forward to reading other weird dreams!

shut your eyes and dream

new here! [21 Nov 2005|10:13pm]

[ mood | cold ]

I haven't had a weird dream in a long time, but I wanted to share with you the WEIRDEST dream I EVER had (ok I've had more but this one comes to my mind first)

I was a freshmen in college (2001) and I dreamed this:
My older bro and I disgraced the Taliban, so we were ordered to be executed.

Now this was not a normal execution. My family was mailed home a "Do it yourself execution kit" (that's what it said on the box). My mother had no choice...I disgraced the Taliban. My older bro was at another college, so I guess he had his roommates do it, I don't know.

So it's this fold out guilliotine. Yeah. A fold otu guillotine. So my mom wraps me in a trash bag (I am small enough to fit in one I guess, or at least most of my body is, I am 4'11) and proceeds to behead me. Well, she doesn't kill me all the way.

So I am in/out of my body, my mom is crying, my sister is crying, so she is getting tea (I dont know if itw as for me or her) and I see myself thrashing around in this trashbag, half head cut off, yeah.

So then seh puts me back on it and beheadsme. All of the sudden my parents are walking with me, a ghost, to this dormatory place. I have two suitcases. My dog is staring past me, barking and I kept saying, "DD! i am here" and my parents were also notlooking at me, i want to say they were looking at the ground.

So I go into this dormatory place where i see my ghost older bro sitting on top of a bunk bed.

I remember saying, "hey" and he saying "hey." and I said, "did it hurt?" and he said "not really"

That's all I remember!

Crazy times.

shut your eyes and dream

sorry again... [25 May 2004|08:12pm]



shut your eyes and dream

[25 May 2004|08:09pm]

I needed a place to see if my pictures would work....hope no one minds, even though I do own part of the community. :P

title or description


shut your eyes and dream

[24 May 2004|02:07pm]

Dream 1

I had this dream that I was living in this mansion. I wake up in my huge bedroom because the house is just shaking. So I climb out of bed and open the curtains. (windows are all around the room) and i see elephants running... freaked out. and they are like trying to get into my house. so im just above these elephants in my room, they can get the tip of their trunk near my windows. and i close the curtains and turn around and I see a baby zebra just chilling on my floor, so i pick it up, and im holding it and i open my bedroom door and there are animals everywhere...and they are all babies. . . beavers, black panthers, mountain lions, cougars, more zebras... but they are all so small. so i put down the zebra, and i realize im kinda scared because all the wild kittens, can still cause some damage. So I run down the stairs to the level below.... this house was like 3 or 4 floors, and i run into the other bedroom, which terrell (my old roomate) is living in. and her bedroom is all windows except for one side, which is against the house. and the room is shaking and she's asleep cause she sleeps so deep. so i wake her up, and i tell her to pull back the curtains and we're eye to eye with these elephants with these huge tusks. . and we see all these animals running, and trying to get into the mansion. And one of the elephants run towards the windows and breaks one. so we start getting furniture and putting furniture over the window. And we go out of the bedroom, and all the animals are going into this..ballroom in my house. And I have like this cafeteria area where i have employees sitting there looking very confused and people were just all over, with these confused looks on their faces. and im trying to keep everything under control. and then i wake up. wtf?

Dream 2
(All the people I refer to are just friends of mine)
Ok, so this dream is long. So. yeah. so im just gonna jump into it.
I'm sitting at home. Angel tells me I need to get out. Says go to cruisers, its saturday night. Well, I don't really wanna go cause I don't know if anyone I know will be there. So I decide to ride my bike, so I get on my bike. And I take my bike, and my green comfy veloux blanket. and I'm riding downtown. and I'm walking through various stores and such. and at some point i lose my blanket. So I ride my bike over cruisers and I walk inside. And I don't see anyone that I know. So I leave. and then I'm just kinda going around. And then I realize I lost my bike. And I go to ask for help and this woman says she'll help me, and I told her that I was at cruisers and that was the last time i remember having it. We go over there, and she yells at some guy named Mike. And he's dark eyes, dark hair, good looking guy. And she says she needs to talk to him, and he makes some rude comment about me. And she's like no, he has nothing to do with me. So we go outside and I'm freaking out cause i don't know how im gonna get home, cause i don't want to walk. So I'm looking for Josh's car. and I can't find it, and he's not in the bar, and mike pulls up in his car, and the woman says she can't help me anymore. so I start trying to cross the street, but the street is really icy. and i keep falling, in the traffic, and I'm looking for my bike, and i can't find it. and i finally get to the other side after almost being hit by a few cars, and i go into this store i was in, and these 2 girls are stepping on my blanket. And I tell them, thats my blanket, i want it back. and they start laughing at me, and the girl has $500 and says i need a card, to put this in and give it to myself. and i tell her that shes lucky, and she says.. that i don't care, stop talking because i dont care, cause no one cares about her. And i tell her im just looking for my bike. And then I ask everyone where my bike is. and i can't find my bike, and my bike is gone, where did it go, and the 2 girls start harrassing me, because im worried about my bike. so i lean against this pool table in this store. and i shoot myself in the mouth. and my head hits the side of the table. and i watch as the corner pocket fills up with my blood, and then drains into the pool table where the balls go. and i look around and i see my bike. It was right by me. and then, everything just fades to black. Then I'm someone else, but me at the same time, and we're driving in a car, talking about the crazy girl in the store, shooting herself, and making jokes about "shooting pool" and then I find josh, and we go to his house, and the end.(there's more, but I can't remember what else there is at the moment)

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[04 May 2004|04:04pm]

[ mood | mildly disturbed ]

I had a rather scary dream last night, don't know if anyone knows what's going on here...

There was a man in the kitchen who should not have been there. I have no idea who he was, except that he was a very bad person and for some reason we had to ensure that he died. I said I would do it. The other two people (I don't know who they were either) held him down in a chair and I stabbed him with a bread knife. There was no blood and he made no sound, but he did not die. I do not know when the change took place, but he became one of my friends instead. I stab her some more, but I get upset as it is hurting her more than it should and she is still alive. For some reason it is like she wants or needs me to kill her, like in films when they are about to turn evil or have become contaminated with something scary. Anyway, I get a sharper knife and stab harder.

That's about all I remember. I was very disturbed by this when I suddenly recalled the dream this morning.

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Johnny Depp's Demise [27 Apr 2004|10:50pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hey everybody! I guess I'll start off by saying I'm new but I've always been one to have the strangest dreams! Especially here lately, I've been questioning if my psyche is ok!

Ok, so last night I had a dream that me and someone else had to cut Johnny Depp up into little pieces and dispense of the remains. I wish I could remember more of the specifics but that's all I got. Any comments? I usually don't have dreams that have such a morbid central point...

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HELLLLLPPPP!!! [28 Feb 2004|04:45pm]

All right these are to things that happen to me recently I have NO CLUE on to if there trying to tell me something
Please give me your opinions!!


Last night I was laying on the couch watching party monster, after about 20mins I feel asleep..
I woke up on my porch looking up I didn't have pillows or blankets I was laying on my back
and I saw like a goldish whitish light thing across the sky and sat up and it stopped in my mind I was like oh
that's just a plane..I stood up slowly and gazed at it for a couple seconds..I walked about to the middle of my yard and fell down I don't remember why..
I could feel goosebumbs on my skin...I sat on the ground and saw this little girl at the end of my yard..she look like a real girl I swear..no lights around her
she was wearing a dress with a bow in her hair she had brown hair? I think..and I passed out...
and woke up on my kitchen floor so I stood up and grabbed so water and splashed some on my face and went and sat on the couch..
I sat there with a cig. and just though...I don't remember if it was a dream or not...It really freaked me out not knowing if it was real..
Everything was so real, I had control of my dream it felt real, and usually my dreams are blurry...I'm EXTREAMLY confused..

Anyone got any ideas of what might have happened?

PLEASE get back to me ..

2nd...not a dream but please help!

It was really late at night like around 3am I think and I put in a beautiful mind and started watching it I feel asleep about mid way though it and
woke up standing at the beginning of my hallway..(FYI-Theres a mirror at the other end of my hallway..) I stood there for a min and looked, the mirror image
wasn't me..I took like to steps and it looked like the image took one back so I took a couple more steps forward and the image took more back..Finally I got
to the end of the hallway..and was staring into the mirror I could see my image but the other image was faint and was now at the beginning of the hallway where
I had started..I turned around and the image wasn't there but it was still in the mirror.. so I backed up while looking in the mirror and started walking really fast
backwards and the image disappeared..I wasn't sure of what it looked like I know it was a man..or a very masculine women..all I remember was he was in a top hat..
I was sorta freaked out so I went into my moms bed room and grabbed a cig. I heard walking in my hall so I rushed out to see if the person was there and no thing was there..
but I could still here walking so I followed it and it lead me into the kitchen and I stooped and just started listing and it left so I lit my cig on the stove (we have a gas stove)
and turned around and I saw a mans face with the top hat on and jumped and in a split second it was gone.. I noticed he had a cigar on his top hat and a scar about 2inches on his face
it really creeped my out..so I went and layed on the couch and listen..nothing else happened that night..but I know IT DEFINETLY wasn't a dream..

If anyone knows what this COULD mean please get back!!!

You can talk to me though aim- Shoottothrill77
or e-mail me- Leppardpistol@sbcglobal.net
or even if you know some one who knows what this means please tell them my story and tell them to e-mail me!!!


THanks- <3333333 ash

shut your eyes and dream

Ms. Egan and Mr. Pickard, dating dream... [26 Jan 2004|09:29am]

Last night my brother started talking about how he heard rumors going around the middle school that Pickard and Egan are dating. I think I was in shock, which is where my mind came up with this dream....

I was at the middle school for Cinderella the musical performing. It was kind of like a practice/tryouts.We were in the cafetorium. Well I'm sitting there and a lady called out for anyone who wanted the part of a stepsister, who could sing annoying loud. Callaghan who was sitting a few seats away looks at me, so I stand up, and sing as loud and annoying as I can, and they rejected me. So I went to the back of the cafetorium and sat and did my homework. I look down the hall, where the teachers lounge was, and I see Ms. Egan and Mr. Pickard holding hands, trying to sneak into the teacher lounge. I yell their names, and they come out. I asked them if they were dating, and they were like shhh no one really knows. I asked Ms. Egan if she ever got my emails, and she was like no, I delete everything that comes into my inbox. Mr. Pickard kept hugging her, and it was so weird to see them together like that. They left, and shortly after I had to go downtown for a Cinderella Cast Party. I get to the bar, and Ms. Egan is sitting in there drinking. I asked her what was wrong, and she was like we need to talk. So she starts talking about how Mr. Pickard got her pregnant, and she thought it was so cool because she's never been pregnant and not married at the same time. She said they planned to get married within the next few years. And I was like well I'm not mad if you two get married to him, even though you stole him from me. Then she told me I should come to the middle school and live with her and him in her room.

shut your eyes and dream

[05 Jan 2004|04:55pm]

Ok.. so in the beginning of the dream I'm yelling at my Mom because she won't go to my brothers wedding, but eventually she gives in and decides to go. We're at the church and I decide to go for a walk with my cd walkman. I go lost somehow and ended up in my old house, and every time I went to go upstairs there would be the ghost of this girl who died on the 3rd floor, and it really freaked me out, but somehow I kept trying to go upstairs. I eventually left there and wound up on this road where these really tall ogres were walking past, one of them saw me hiding in the trees and just when I thought I was ogre food, he helped me find a payphone and gave me some change.. but none of the phones worked, so I think I hithced a ride. When I got back to the church my brother had already been married and when I tried to tell him about my experience he didn't believe me. Oh and another part of the dream was my friend Gina was some kind of singer or something and she was on stage and I somehow ended up on stage with her and she was talking to me on her microphone. Weird huh? I think so.

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Weird Andy Dream [28 Dec 2003|08:03pm]

First Dream....
Okay so in my dream I'm in drivers ed class, except we're in the jungle. In my class, well the only people I can remember are Andy and Tabitha. So we have to like stay crouched down and crawl in the jungle because if we were seen, standing up or something, we were shot and then died. So it was survival for your license. After the class was over, I went out into the lobby to wait for my taxi to come and take me home and I saw Andy standing there alone, staring at this couple makeout. The couple turned out to be Rochelle and Jason. Andy was all jealous and he wanted to show them that he was hot, so him and I ended up making out. Yeahh kinda weird.

2nd Dream...

This one is really really weird, just a warning.

Okay so Matt Holbert asked me out on a date, except it was to a key club event. So we went and ended up making out. We started dating and kept going out every single night, but we kept it a secret. Then I end up at a football game with Missy, Rachel and Brittany. The game ends at 11:30 and we are all looking for Missy's mom because she is taking us to the dance. We find her, get in the car and are on the way to the high school to the dance, when I realize I forgot my I.D. Her mom drops us off at a corner and we have to walk to my house. So we're walking to my houes, and Matt found us. We skipped the dance, and went to my Family Reunion instead. Then somehow we ended up in Biology. Everyone in class is watching old track meets on the tv's, then Burtion decides he needs to go over the proper amount of food that should be eaten. So he starts seperating food into small portions on my desk, as an example to the class. He accidently put ketchup in my hair and starts to pick it out like he's a monkey. The end.

I was so freaked out when I finally woke up this morning. I didn't want to wake up though because Holbert and I were just so cute together. lol

shut your eyes and dream

new [07 Dec 2003|03:22pm]

So somehow Robert Downey Jr. (Hollywood's Crackhead) and I we're in a relationship of sorts. I had some sort of amnesia in the dream and couldn't remember how we got together.

But one "day" in the dream he came to me with madd luggage and said "I have the ring...come with me to Vegas and lets get married and make me a daddy." (lol in my personal opinion, this man shouldn't be allowed to breed). And I was hesitant at first but then decided that it would be badass if I got married to him...even if I didn't want to.

SO I said we could go get married but I had to come right back to Philadelphia afterwards because I have finals this week.

SO we went and got married and we fucked like 97 times...like I had a multiple sex dream with Robert Downey Jr....who I don't even find that attractive.

title or description

shut your eyes and dream

Weird dreams in the past few days [07 Dec 2003|01:44am]

[ mood | morose ]

Last night I had a dream I was at this movie theater or something like that, and there were waitresses serving drinks.

Another dream I had was I was with someone I used to date, and we were together, and he pulled down his pants and crap just started puring out of his butt like a fountain, and then I had to poop in my dream. LOL I know it's gross but it was so fuckin weird. Maybe it was my body saying I had to poop.

And then another dream from last night was I was walking with a few people (dont know who) and we were by these trees and a few cops came out from the trees with rifles. It scared me. I also had a dream that I was sleeping and my 8 year old nephew woke me up to tell me he was sleeping over for the weekend. Then when I woke up I asked my Mom where he was, she was like "He aint here".... I was like whoa

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Help me please? [29 Nov 2003|01:56pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, I found this community in a search.

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 months now and I am very happy with him. Within these 3 months I've had 2 or more dreams where in the dream I either cheated on him or had the opportunity to. In the dream I am aware of the fact that I am with my boyfriend though. In reality I wouldn't ever cheat on him, but I keep having these dreams.

What do any of you suppose this means?

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Andy [22 Aug 2003|09:57am]

Haven't posted in here in a while, thanks to last nights dream I can.

Mallory and I were at the highschool and she was driving the big van, which has two doors in the back, that open to the trunk. Well I put my moms 8 month old twins in the trunk, in their carseats, along with my weiner dog. I forgot to close the trunk all the way, so the babies started to fall over, and at every stop light, I ran back to try and shut the doors but they wouldn't close. Then at the one stop light Mallory, turned into Andy Riess, and we were in his red car, but the twins were still in the trunk and Kendall kaufman was sitting in the back.

Okay so Andy , Kendall and I all decide to go the movies. A bunch of other tennis girls were there, and they were watching Andy and I intently. I started putting my hands all over Andy, and then we started to make out, and Kendall was rubbing his legs. Andy gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes back 5 minutes later with this huge boner. Next thing I know, I look over at Anne ( whos on the tennis team) and she's pretending to make out with some guy, to make fun of me. So the movie started and I can't remember what happened in it. After the movie, Andy decided he wanted ot take me to another movie, in Montrose. So we drove out to Montrose and parked at Sams Club. We go into the movie, end up making out some more, and then we go out to the car to go home. Well my mom is parked right next to us and she is like where are my babies? So I took them out and handed them to her. Then my mom told us we had to drive my 5 year old brother around. Andy told me he didn't want to, because he was looking forward to recieving road head. So we didn't drive my brother around. I gave him road head, and then we went to Burger King. We ordered all this food, because Andy is a beast, and we go to sit down at this table and this lady who works there starts taking pieces of my hair and saying you should really pin these down when you pull it up. Then she looks at me and says " Oh my god weren't you in Lord of the Rings? You know, the lady with the pink hair? She was amazing" I was like um...no. Then she said " Yes you were. Don't try to hide it." So I said I had never seen the movies and she got pissed and walked away. Andy and I finished eating, went back out to the car made out, and then he dropped me off at home.

I got home and watched Tom and Huck, and read Pride and Prejudice and waited for Andy to call. My parents made me go driving with them and we stopped at this party, of people we didn't even know. This black lady was dancing and she had a lump on her ear the size of a softball. And thats where I woke up.

Weird? I think so.

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[08 Aug 2003|08:43pm]

My dream last nite..

I was at the Evanescence concert and I was sitting on the stage...but facing the audience. My dad was next to me on the steps and he asked me if I liked him, I told him yes and that I loved him. After the concert, my mom appeared and she had on a Wadsworth letterman's jacket that my dad had bought at the concert. It was brown and long and it had all of the sports my sister does on the back *Irish dancing, basketball, and softball* My dad got it for her because he never had a letterman's jacket to give to her when they were dating. I was mad because there was nothing about me on the back of the jacket.

Yeah that was it :\ haha. My dad took me to the Avril Lavigne concert in April, just me and him..maybe that's why Evanescene was in there....what do you guys think about the rest?

shut your eyes and dream

[28 Jul 2003|09:49pm]

My friend Carmen wanted to have a party because she wanted people to meet her other friends, so she invited me for some reason. I was getting ready to go when I decided to take a bike ride. I went to some cheap park where I saw two people I used to be friends with, Michael and Tatiana. Tati was sort of showing me around the house. The house was right next to the park and it was solid wood. For some reason, I had to go to band and there was the same band room there. I went in and we were having Jazz band rehearsal and my director from middle school and everyone else was there already. This cute boy came in while we were individually warming up and she told us he was going to listen to us because he got accepted for trombone or something. He came up to me when we started to warm up again and he said "You're a great flute player, and a hot one at that" and he walked to the front of the room to look at some music. I turned to Gloria and Kallyne and told them and they told me to go talk to him to see what it meant and all. The thing is tho, everytime I'd get the courage to go up there, someone else would go up to him and talk to him about something. Finally, when I did get to go talk to him, the entire dream repeated itself. This time, however, it was this gothic chick thing who never said anything to me. I went up to talk to her altho this time it just happened smoothly and I just came up and started talking to her. For some reason, her lips grew tremendously everytime she blew a bubble with her bubble gum. With the biggest pop, I just woke up.

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[28 Jul 2003|09:27am]

Last night's dream....

I don't remember who I was with, or where I was going, but I was trying to get into some building, and there was a really long line to get in. Everybody was wearing the same shirt, and when I went to get in line behind them, the person in front of me told me they're not in line, and I can go in front of them. As in, everybody. So I started walking toward the front door. Everyone was smiling at me as I went past, and they all had this look on their face, like they were waiting for me to say something. This seemed to go on forever, and I don't remember ever finding the front of the line.

And now that I really think about it, this next part must have been a different dream...

I was over at my brother's house, but he wasn't there. I was getting ready for work, and was just going to walk there. My 6-year-old neice wanted to go with me, and asked if we could walk past the funeral home on the way, because she's never seen a funeral before. Instead of walking to my pharmacy, I ended up at my church, and I went inside and I was decorating the place, like for a wedding.

Later on, I was back at my house, and my brother called me and asked me to come over. He said he needed help figuring out what to wear tomorrow. I said, "You're getting married tomorrow. You should wear a tux." He said it was too dorky. That's all I remember right now.

shut your eyes and dream

[27 Jul 2003|12:08pm]
I came across this community when I was over at beautifuldreams and I tend to have weird dreams and I saw the link for this place.

Most recent dreamCollapse )

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[27 Jul 2003|12:50pm]

hey im new here and i was wondering if someone could help me with the meaning of a dream thats been bothering me for awhile

ok if was about three months ago and i can't remeber all of it but the part that i do remember is being tied to a chair by a man that i couldnt see i just new that he was there and that there was a big tank like thing in front of me and a guy i really like was in it and he made it so i couldnt look away and forced me to watch the guy i like being eatin alive by a shark.

and the only part a really remeber seeing is all the blood going every where and that it was him, i dont remeber seeing anything els i just somehow know that thats what happend.

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