Mildred Strange (mildred_strange) wrote in weird_dreams,
Mildred Strange

Hi there,
I just joined because I've been having some really weird dreams latley, and went searching for a place to share them, and came across you.
Here are a couple of recent ones.
I was married to Napoleon. And since I was his wife, I got to share in his time traveling secrets. This is how he was such a great army guy, he'd time traveled to every great war in the past and futur. Most of the rest of the dream is foggy at this point, I was traveling through time, just for the sake of it. But just the fact that I was married to Napoleon makes it the weirdest dream ever. So weird.
I used to play the flute, and was the first flute and piccallo player in high school (that part is fact). In the dream, I decided I needed to get back into it, and joined an orchestra. I was getting ready to put my flute together and went to take out my lip ring, only to discover that I had several oral peirings. I took them out and put them on the music stand, and took the flute out of the case. It was the most bizzare looking thing, until I figured out how to take it apart and make a flute from the peices. there was a girl from grade school who was in band with me there, and when she realized I couldn't remeber any of the fingering for the notes, she took me aside and decided to train me. My first task was breathing, which involved standing on my hands and blowing out candles. The fingering for the flute involved erally painful finger placement. That's when I noticed that the director of the orchestra was a giant screen with a blue face on it. If you can figure this dream out, you win a cookie.

I look forward to reading other weird dreams!
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