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I came across this community when I was over at beautifuldreams and I tend to have weird dreams and I saw the link for this place.

I was outside an old neighbors house and there were people inside that was holding the house "hostage." Apparently I'm involved with the army or police force. i'm down on my belly being given directions to work a machine gun. I remember the sun reflecting off the windows and blinding me. An asian man was on the left of me and he tells me I have something coming out of my left ear. I feel my ear and it's sticky. I figured i had wax coming out, but then this white thing starts coming out and it was long and hard. An asian nurse shows up to inspect this thing as I'm freaking out. She says outloud she's not sure if it's bone or not. I thought it was my eardrum and all that belongs inside my ear. My ear felt like it was caving-in and it was warm. I end up in a nurse's office and my mom is there with me. She's swinging this thing that came out of my ear around and I'm freaking out telling her to stop. i'm on the phone (the whole time afraid to touch my ear) with a male nurse telling him what happened. As I'm trying to explian my mom keeps swinging it around. I yell to her to stop. I tell the nurse it looks a bit like a caterpillar anfd my mom looks down at it and says "well I never thought of that." I don't hear anything from the nurse on the telephone and I frantically say "hello?" then i wake up.
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