Kaylee (kay_diddly_lee) wrote in weird_dreams,

My dream last nite..

I was at the Evanescence concert and I was sitting on the stage...but facing the audience. My dad was next to me on the steps and he asked me if I liked him, I told him yes and that I loved him. After the concert, my mom appeared and she had on a Wadsworth letterman's jacket that my dad had bought at the concert. It was brown and long and it had all of the sports my sister does on the back *Irish dancing, basketball, and softball* My dad got it for her because he never had a letterman's jacket to give to her when they were dating. I was mad because there was nothing about me on the back of the jacket.

Yeah that was it :\ haha. My dad took me to the Avril Lavigne concert in April, just me and him..maybe that's why Evanescene was in there....what do you guys think about the rest?
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