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Haven't posted in here in a while, thanks to last nights dream I can.

Mallory and I were at the highschool and she was driving the big van, which has two doors in the back, that open to the trunk. Well I put my moms 8 month old twins in the trunk, in their carseats, along with my weiner dog. I forgot to close the trunk all the way, so the babies started to fall over, and at every stop light, I ran back to try and shut the doors but they wouldn't close. Then at the one stop light Mallory, turned into Andy Riess, and we were in his red car, but the twins were still in the trunk and Kendall kaufman was sitting in the back.

Okay so Andy , Kendall and I all decide to go the movies. A bunch of other tennis girls were there, and they were watching Andy and I intently. I started putting my hands all over Andy, and then we started to make out, and Kendall was rubbing his legs. Andy gets up and goes to the bathroom and comes back 5 minutes later with this huge boner. Next thing I know, I look over at Anne ( whos on the tennis team) and she's pretending to make out with some guy, to make fun of me. So the movie started and I can't remember what happened in it. After the movie, Andy decided he wanted ot take me to another movie, in Montrose. So we drove out to Montrose and parked at Sams Club. We go into the movie, end up making out some more, and then we go out to the car to go home. Well my mom is parked right next to us and she is like where are my babies? So I took them out and handed them to her. Then my mom told us we had to drive my 5 year old brother around. Andy told me he didn't want to, because he was looking forward to recieving road head. So we didn't drive my brother around. I gave him road head, and then we went to Burger King. We ordered all this food, because Andy is a beast, and we go to sit down at this table and this lady who works there starts taking pieces of my hair and saying you should really pin these down when you pull it up. Then she looks at me and says " Oh my god weren't you in Lord of the Rings? You know, the lady with the pink hair? She was amazing" I was like Then she said " Yes you were. Don't try to hide it." So I said I had never seen the movies and she got pissed and walked away. Andy and I finished eating, went back out to the car made out, and then he dropped me off at home.

I got home and watched Tom and Huck, and read Pride and Prejudice and waited for Andy to call. My parents made me go driving with them and we stopped at this party, of people we didn't even know. This black lady was dancing and she had a lump on her ear the size of a softball. And thats where I woke up.

Weird? I think so.
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