courtney (esprit_de_rue) wrote in weird_dreams,


So somehow Robert Downey Jr. (Hollywood's Crackhead) and I we're in a relationship of sorts. I had some sort of amnesia in the dream and couldn't remember how we got together.

But one "day" in the dream he came to me with madd luggage and said "I have the ring...come with me to Vegas and lets get married and make me a daddy." (lol in my personal opinion, this man shouldn't be allowed to breed). And I was hesitant at first but then decided that it would be badass if I got married to him...even if I didn't want to.

SO I said we could go get married but I had to come right back to Philadelphia afterwards because I have finals this week.

SO we went and got married and we fucked like 97 I had a multiple sex dream with Robert Downey Jr....who I don't even find that attractive.

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