Amanda (manders757) wrote in weird_dreams,

Weird Andy Dream

First Dream....
Okay so in my dream I'm in drivers ed class, except we're in the jungle. In my class, well the only people I can remember are Andy and Tabitha. So we have to like stay crouched down and crawl in the jungle because if we were seen, standing up or something, we were shot and then died. So it was survival for your license. After the class was over, I went out into the lobby to wait for my taxi to come and take me home and I saw Andy standing there alone, staring at this couple makeout. The couple turned out to be Rochelle and Jason. Andy was all jealous and he wanted to show them that he was hot, so him and I ended up making out. Yeahh kinda weird.

2nd Dream...

This one is really really weird, just a warning.

Okay so Matt Holbert asked me out on a date, except it was to a key club event. So we went and ended up making out. We started dating and kept going out every single night, but we kept it a secret. Then I end up at a football game with Missy, Rachel and Brittany. The game ends at 11:30 and we are all looking for Missy's mom because she is taking us to the dance. We find her, get in the car and are on the way to the high school to the dance, when I realize I forgot my I.D. Her mom drops us off at a corner and we have to walk to my house. So we're walking to my houes, and Matt found us. We skipped the dance, and went to my Family Reunion instead. Then somehow we ended up in Biology. Everyone in class is watching old track meets on the tv's, then Burtion decides he needs to go over the proper amount of food that should be eaten. So he starts seperating food into small portions on my desk, as an example to the class. He accidently put ketchup in my hair and starts to pick it out like he's a monkey. The end.

I was so freaked out when I finally woke up this morning. I didn't want to wake up though because Holbert and I were just so cute together. lol
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