Amanda (manders757) wrote in weird_dreams,

Ms. Egan and Mr. Pickard, dating dream...

Last night my brother started talking about how he heard rumors going around the middle school that Pickard and Egan are dating. I think I was in shock, which is where my mind came up with this dream....

I was at the middle school for Cinderella the musical performing. It was kind of like a practice/tryouts.We were in the cafetorium. Well I'm sitting there and a lady called out for anyone who wanted the part of a stepsister, who could sing annoying loud. Callaghan who was sitting a few seats away looks at me, so I stand up, and sing as loud and annoying as I can, and they rejected me. So I went to the back of the cafetorium and sat and did my homework. I look down the hall, where the teachers lounge was, and I see Ms. Egan and Mr. Pickard holding hands, trying to sneak into the teacher lounge. I yell their names, and they come out. I asked them if they were dating, and they were like shhh no one really knows. I asked Ms. Egan if she ever got my emails, and she was like no, I delete everything that comes into my inbox. Mr. Pickard kept hugging her, and it was so weird to see them together like that. They left, and shortly after I had to go downtown for a Cinderella Cast Party. I get to the bar, and Ms. Egan is sitting in there drinking. I asked her what was wrong, and she was like we need to talk. So she starts talking about how Mr. Pickard got her pregnant, and she thought it was so cool because she's never been pregnant and not married at the same time. She said they planned to get married within the next few years. And I was like well I'm not mad if you two get married to him, even though you stole him from me. Then she told me I should come to the middle school and live with her and him in her room.
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