Hostile teenage angst on the road to ruin (shoottokill77) wrote in weird_dreams,
Hostile teenage angst on the road to ruin


All right these are to things that happen to me recently I have NO CLUE on to if there trying to tell me something
Please give me your opinions!!


Last night I was laying on the couch watching party monster, after about 20mins I feel asleep..
I woke up on my porch looking up I didn't have pillows or blankets I was laying on my back
and I saw like a goldish whitish light thing across the sky and sat up and it stopped in my mind I was like oh
that's just a plane..I stood up slowly and gazed at it for a couple seconds..I walked about to the middle of my yard and fell down I don't remember why..
I could feel goosebumbs on my skin...I sat on the ground and saw this little girl at the end of my yard..she look like a real girl I lights around her
she was wearing a dress with a bow in her hair she had brown hair? I think..and I passed out...
and woke up on my kitchen floor so I stood up and grabbed so water and splashed some on my face and went and sat on the couch..
I sat there with a cig. and just though...I don't remember if it was a dream or not...It really freaked me out not knowing if it was real..
Everything was so real, I had control of my dream it felt real, and usually my dreams are blurry...I'm EXTREAMLY confused..

Anyone got any ideas of what might have happened?

PLEASE get back to me ..

2nd...not a dream but please help!

It was really late at night like around 3am I think and I put in a beautiful mind and started watching it I feel asleep about mid way though it and
woke up standing at the beginning of my hallway..(FYI-Theres a mirror at the other end of my hallway..) I stood there for a min and looked, the mirror image
wasn't me..I took like to steps and it looked like the image took one back so I took a couple more steps forward and the image took more back..Finally I got
to the end of the hallway..and was staring into the mirror I could see my image but the other image was faint and was now at the beginning of the hallway where
I had started..I turned around and the image wasn't there but it was still in the mirror.. so I backed up while looking in the mirror and started walking really fast
backwards and the image disappeared..I wasn't sure of what it looked like I know it was a man..or a very masculine women..all I remember was he was in a top hat..
I was sorta freaked out so I went into my moms bed room and grabbed a cig. I heard walking in my hall so I rushed out to see if the person was there and no thing was there..
but I could still here walking so I followed it and it lead me into the kitchen and I stooped and just started listing and it left so I lit my cig on the stove (we have a gas stove)
and turned around and I saw a mans face with the top hat on and jumped and in a split second it was gone.. I noticed he had a cigar on his top hat and a scar about 2inches on his face
it really creeped my I went and layed on the couch and listen..nothing else happened that night..but I know IT DEFINETLY wasn't a dream..

If anyone knows what this COULD mean please get back!!!

You can talk to me though aim- Shoottothrill77
or e-mail me-
or even if you know some one who knows what this means please tell them my story and tell them to e-mail me!!!


THanks- <3333333 ash
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